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I am pleased to be a part of your personal wellness journey. I have many tools to use to help you become more in tune with your body, make informed wellness choices, employ effective self-care practices, and ultimately change how you feel. I offer a safe, supportive environment for you to explore wellness initiatives and healing practices that will help you to feel better and maintain a healthy body.

As a Zen Shiatsu Therapist for 15 years, I have facilitated many incredible wellness journeys. Sometimes the changes are substantial, sometimes they are no more than subtle shifts. But there is always change, often in sleep, pain level, energy, or simply renewed awareness of the client’s body.

As a chair massage practitioner, I have had the pleasure of seeing how as little as 5-10 minutes of bodywork can produce changes in mood, energy and movement. Clients are always so thankful for that small shift in how they feel. Often, someone’s whole day is turned around after that few minutes of massage!

And, as a Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant, I have witnessed the powerful effects of restoring proper posture, healthy functional movement, and facilitating occupation can be in our lives.

Humans were meant to be on the move — our bodies want to be in motion. Modern life, however, often demands that many of us are inert, sitting or standing in one place and staring at a glaring box for many hours. Adding to this, in order to get to our workplaces, we sit in a car or on public transit vehicles, often for hours in a day. After that, we prepare a meal and then sit on a comfy piece of furniture and stare at another glaring box for a few hours before going to bed. Clearly not what nature had intended!

Some of us have high levels of stress, work-related or otherwise. Not all stress is bad, but over time, constant high levels of stress can be very damaging to the body. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, high stress levels can rob us of our energy, make our bodies less supple, hamper our organ function, affect our musculoskeletal system, and lead to emotional unrest. Unhappy in mind and body is no way to live.

I continue to help people achieve wellness goals through Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Chair Massage, and Personal Training focused on restoring and maintaining core strength, healthy movement, and promoting good posture. I act not as a healer, but as a facilitator, assisting each client to become more physically aware, and restore harmonious function in everyday life.

I invite you to experience my supportive, wholistic approach to wellness. It’s never too late to change how you feel!

Peace and health,


Allison Kelly, PTA/OTA
Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant
Zen Shiatsu Therapist
Certified Chair Massage Practitioner

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After abandoning my music career many years ago, I worked as an administrative assistant in a wide variety of organizations, mostly not-for-profit, for a number of years. In 2001, I decided to take a chair massage course, just for fun. I loved it! I took my chair everywhere, and just loved working as a chair massage practitioner. In fact, I loved it so much, that I started looking into working as a body worker, and eventually chose to study shiatsu.

Healthcare has been my major focus ever since. I have been a Zen Shiatsu Therapist since 2003, and also worked for a major healthcare publisher, Cochrane, for many years as well.

This month, I completed my training as a Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant and Personal Fitness Trainer. I am excited to add a new facet to my career, and hope to continue to help people move better, feel better, and  st importantly, change how they feel.

I still enjoy making music, and currently sing with a number of different groups. I love to share my experiences and encourage others to explore choir/group singing for personal fulfillment and emotional well being.


Peace and health!

Allison Kelly, PTA/OTA
Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant
Zen Shiatsu Therapist
Active Care Specialist
Chair Massage Practitioner


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Contact me to book an appointment, or for more information. You can use the handy form below, or contact me directly at 416 624-8380.

I have two clinic locations in downtown Toronto: one is near Bathurst and Dundas, a few blocks from the Toronto Western Hospital, and the other is at Bloor and Christie. Both are easily accessible by TTC.

Once your appointment is booked, I will send you an email with the appropriate forms to complete, and directions to the clinic. Please be sure to wear or bring loose clothing, and I ask that you kindly refrain from wearing strongly scented products.

I accept cash, e-transfer, and credit card payments. Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation of your appointment.

Thank you.