Fall Shiatsu Offer

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It’s that time again!

The stunning colours of autumn are in full bloom, and if you’re like me, wool sweaters are calling with the promise of warmth. As the temps fall, and our shoulders start to creep up with the chill in the air, we begin to focus more on tending to ourselves. Perfect time to come back to shiatsu!

Did you know that autumn is associated with the Metal element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine? This season of withering and decay is the time when the Lung energy steps up to guard against external pathogens and protect our internal energy reserves. As the light fades, we begin to gather in and look to replenish our stores in preparation for the long, cold winter ahead. This is the ideal time to fortify yourself with the energy boosting and qi balancing benefits of Zen Shiatsu!

Here’s the offer — buy your single shiatsu treatment before November 7th, and you will receive a free 30 minute shiatsu gift certificate that you can give to a loved one, keep as a treatment add-on, or just save for a rainy day — OR — buy your shiatsu 4-treatment package for $325 (a $360 value), and receive a free full shiatsu treatment gift certificate PLUS a free 30 minute shiatsu gift certificate!

I hope you will take advantage of this great offer, and feel free to share with family and friends! Remember — it’s never too late to change how you feel!

Peace and health,

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