Kind words

I was one of those people who thought that bodywork was ‘not for me’. After seeing Allison, I completely changed the way that I deal with my self care. Allison’s talented technique is incredibly powerful and caring. There is a real artistry to Allison and the ways that she treats through her shiatsu practice. I recommend Allison to everyone and anyone that will listen!  G.B.

Allison is the best Shiatsu practitioner in my 15 years of treatment. She is intuitive, kind, nurturing, generous, and always knows what my body needs to feel better. Allison not only provides amazing treatment at the somatic level but she gives information and guidance around treatment principles (nutrition, stretches/movement, self-care strategies) that have guided me throughout the years. Allison is a very strong, intuitive, and powerful healing facilitator. I trust her knowledge and her solid practice. I feel blessed to have had her healing art (shiatsu) in my life. I am so grateful to Allison for her generosity and warmth in Shiatsu.   A.B.

Wow! Only a few weeks after beginning my personal training sessions with Allison, my balance is better, I have more abdominal definition, my back doesn’t hurt as much, and my posture is better!  M.K.M.

After starting my exercise program with Allison, I have found that I don’t ‘plop’ into the sofa anymore. I’m not using my arms to help me rise from a crouching position. I can stand on one leg and balance. Using many of the tools Allison has introduced to me, I have less muscle tension and feel more flexible than I have in years. To experience these gains in my mid 50s is the best gift ever!  M.S.

Allison…is magical!  S.P.

You’re like a doula, but for the muscles!  O.D.